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Precision AC Tune Up

Improve AC Performance With Our Precision Tune-Up


Here at Martin Carpenter's Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc., it's not uncommon to hear folks complain that their air conditioning system just isn't what it used to be. It's not as reliable. It doesn't cool properly. It smells. If your system isn't regularly maintained, any of these conditions can arise.


We've found over the years that air conditioning is an often-neglected part of people's homes, and small issues become major problems because they were not addressed early on.


Our precision tune-up is just the thing for increasing system efficiency, improving cooling power, lowering your energy bills, and extending the life of your air conditioner. Plus, your manufacturer's warranty may be invalidated if you don't maintain your unit at least once a year.


Schedule a visit today! Call us at (727) 528-0171 and request a free estimate.

Our Step-By-Step Outdoor Condenser Checkup

  1. Remove top of unit, vacuum leaves and other debris from inside

  2. Wash coils thoroughly inside and out with high-pressure water hose

  3. Check and tighten all electrical connections

  4. Oil bearings in fan motor

  5. Clean panes of any weeds or objects that may cause airflow restriction

  6. Check sub cooling and superheat refrigerant for correct capacity charge

  7. Locate end of drain line to ensure proper drainage of system, which can improve system efficiency of humidity removal by 60%

  8. Check correct breaker size to prevent house fires

Overall Maintenance of Your Air Handler and System

  1. Oil blower motor bearings

  2. Apply self-rinse coil cleaner to evaporator coil

  3. Sanitize air handler housing

  4. Treat and clean drain pan

  5. Vacuum drain line to remove any blockage and apply drain line treatment

  6. Check safety overflow drain switch to prevent water damage

  7. Check safety devices at air handler for electric heat operation and ensure the heat is not coming on during cooling, which causes high operating costs

  8. Visually inspect duct work for leakage and mold

"The true definition of customer service. Fantastic business, I have used Martin Carpenter's AC a couple of times and they are always responsive, informative and professional. Most recently Martin himself made the late night (9-10pm) call. The fan blew on my 18yo unit. He made all efforts to make sure I didn't sweat to death through the night. And no hard sell, just trying to remedy the problem...I wish all businesses were this great. Would give 10 out of 5 stars if I could."

- Mark Paremske

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