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Marty's Club Member Benefit Explanations


(A) No overtime Charges- As a Marty Club Member “A”, you will receive a year’s supply of filters for standard filters sizes. Or 1 perfect fit filter

(A, B) Freon- As a Marty’s Club Member “A or B” you will receive up to 2 lbs. of Freon (if needed) during one of your regularly scheduled tune-ups. As a Marty’s Club Member C, you will receive 1lb of freon (if needed) during your regularly scheduled tune-up.

(A, B) Priority Service- As a Marty’s Club Member “A, B, if your air conditioning system breaks down and you need emergency service, you will receive service before non-club members. Marty’s Club Members are the ONLY customers that  receive priority service after hours, weekends, or Holidays for an emergency call.

(A) 15% Discount on any service repair- As a Marty’s Club Member “A”, if you need a service call, you will receive a 15 percent discount off out standard flat rate pricing.

(B) 10% Discount on any service repair- As a Marty’s Club Member “B”, if you need a service call, you will receive a 10 percent discount off out standard flat rate pricing.

Our Precision Tune up includes:

  • Check operation of thermostat and calibrate

  • Wash or change filter, (filter provided by customer or purchased through us)

  • Check over all operation of air handler including:

  • Apply self-rinse coil cleaner to evaporator coil

  • Treat and clean drain pan

  • Vacuum drain line to remove any blockage and apply drain line treatment

  • Check safety overflow drain switch to prevent water damage

  • Check all safety devices at air handler for electric heat operation and ensure the heat is not coming on during cooling, which causes high operation cost

  • Condenser check (outdoor unit)

  • Remove top of unit and vacuum leaves and other debris from inside of unit

  • Wash coils thoroughly inside and out with high pressure water hose

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Clean louvers free of anything that may cause airflow restriction

  • Check sub cooling and sub-heat refrigerant for correct capacity charge

  • Locate end of drain line to ensure proper drainage of system which can improve system efficiency of humidity removal by 60%

  • Last but not least, check breaker size to prevent house fires


Martin Carpenter’s Air Conditioning & heating, Inc’s Liability for improper performance of for failure to perform this service agreement shall be limited to the refunding of a portion or the whole of the payment made by purchaser for the maintenance service. In no event shall Martin Carpenter’s Air Conditioning & heating Inc. be liable to consequential damages of any nature whatsoever resulting for its failure to perform of to properly perform this agreement.

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